“One small step for man (collecting)” or “Of a Great Buy!”

How good it feels to be one step closer to completing a set; especially if the set is close to ones heart. It’s like getting one character of a Star Wars jigsaw or getting another train “property” in a Monopoly board game. Had that feeling this week!

I’m currently working on completing my Achilleo’s sets (both series 1 & 2). See, I like Master Sets. I believe that the process of building Master Sets in an era where you will mostly get the base set for a couple bucks online, Master Sets are the way to go for people who enjoy the process of building it.

The definition of “Master set” it’s greatly debate by collectors. Some might consider Master set to be the base set, chase cards and promos. Others include binders, autograph and sketch cards. I myself see a Master Binder as the “Anything-related-to-that-series” set. And what exactly is that? Well, on my book:


  • base set
  • parallel sets
  • chase cards
  • inserts
  • autograph cards
  • sketch cards
  • promos
  • case topper cards
  • seller sheets
  • binder
  • wrappers
  • display box

In my book, building this is no peaches and cream

Some of you might be thinking that this will be an easy task with places like Ebay floating with auctions on thousands of sets. But you got to remember that it will all depend on the set (scarcity, year of production, etc.). Also, not every dealer or seller tends to have that kind of inventory. Finally, even after you’ve found the item, money could crash your dreams.

In my case, another step was taken with an incredible deal from a fellow dealer at www.non-sport.com.

The Achilleos series 1 has two parallel sets: one silver-foiled and one gold-foiled. It’s rare to see singles of both of them and rarer to see the complete set. TODAY I checked on Ebay and the silver and gold sets were been auction for $250 each (an amount of money I’m not comfortable spending with today’s economy). The gold set was the one I bought and I got it for a fair price. With this acquisition, I’m moving to get the silver one which appears to be tougher to find.

Right now, for Series 1 I have:


  • Base set
  • 4 cards uncut promo sheet
  • Gold Parallel Set

For series 2:


  • Base Set
  • 3 of 5 Metal Storm chase cards
  • Binder with special Binder Card
  • Promo sheet
  • Wrapper

There’s still a long way to go and I’m happy about that for that means the HUNT it’s still on.

I invited you to read a full review of the set in the archives of this blog.


Achilleos: Series 1 & 2


Work of Fantasy

Fantasy is the number one thing my collection is made of. I’m fascinated by it; the giant trees, the orks, the sexy girl with the long legs. Everything is eye filling. It’s a unique way of fly to far lands and fulfill hidden dreams in the subconscious, just a page turn away. From the vast and gigantic offer of incredibly talented artist immortalize in trading cards, at the top three of my head is Chris Achilleos.

Chris Achilleos has created some of the most eye gauging and detail artwork in his thirty years of work.  He has become one of the most  influential  and popular artist of  the genre. His works includes many hundreds of book cover illustrations and collaboration as consultant for conceptual artists in Hollywood movies.

The first series set was issued by FPG in 1992 and in it the female form play a major role. In some of the illustrations it plays almost in the erotic which makes the set more for an adult crowd. FPG used to produce most of the Fantasy artwork back in the 90’s during  what I consider one of the “good ages” in the non-sport world. This was one of the sets first produce by the company. The cards consisted of a base set of90. The back of each card has pencil drawing illustration and a comment from Chris. Originally there were insert redemption cards one for a painting and 20 others for sketches. There were also parallel sets of silver and gold foil stamp cards randomly inserted (1:12). There also were 250 signed cards from the base set randomly inserted. Special collectible binder was made and it came with a binder card.

The second series was called Angels and Amazons also produced by FPG in 1994. On this series Ahilleos focused more on fantasy with a bit of science fiction. In the first series Achilleos showed his dominion on the female form. Now, the ambience glow in all its splendor. Again there’s a pencil drawing in the back with a brief comment by the artist. A binder was also produce for this series with a special insert card as well.

This has been one of my favorites release from FPG. I’m still working on it since its been difficult finding the parallel set both silver and gold. I’ve seen the complete set of both on Ebay but they go for a high price, plus its more fun building it one card at a time which stretches the hunt that is, in my opinion, the best part of collecting. What has been harder to find is the signed (and numbered) card and also the binder for the first series; haven’t seen neither on Ebay or at any convention or shop. But again, that’s part of the fun!


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