Getting Wrap by The Wrapper

Last issue of The Wrapper came last week and yet another great issue. For those of you who don’t know what The Wrapper is, here’s some history to catch-up.

The Wrapper is the oldest Non-sport magazine in the United States. It focuses on pre 1970 trading cards (even doe newer cards and info can be found). Every issue has from 4 to 6 well written and interesting articles and a lot of ads from dealers and traders from all around the country and beyond (I’ve seen ads from people from Australia!).

New issues are release every six weeks (a total of 8 per year) and mailed to subscribers. The magazine started in 1978 and was originally intended for a local distribution but spread as the hunger of collectors for means of communication and trade increased. The name obviously comes from the wax wrappers where cards come.

On this particular issue there were some interesting articles. One of them entitled “Addams Family” was centered on that popular set from 1964 (Donruss Company) that was reissued in 1996 by Dart. Another article, Another Tough Bread Issue,
was centered on Wild Bill Hickok cards from bread and other food products from the 50’s. My favorite one was an article written by David Hornish about Topps Early History. Overall, it’s an awesome issue with great articles and lots of good ads.

As a closure I will like to thank Editor Les Davis it’s a hard-working man and a devoted collector and father. His effort has been medullar for the continuity of the Non-sport cards collecting hobby; a work for which his subscribers and fellow collectors are very grateful.








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