Collecting Memories

I still remember the rush back in the car with my mom driving me to the drugstore to buy some cards. She always was fond and supportive with my interests. She didn’t mind the bloody monsters in the illustrations; she just loved seeing my face before and after getting those packs. I opened them with anxiety and thrill.


Good memories are attached to trading cards. And at the end of the road, those memories, the nostalgia, the idea of reviving a time past, it’s part of what makes collecting trading cards so great. Differently to other collecting hobbyist who mostly starts at an older age (like cars, bonsais or DVDs), most trading card collectors started their collection at a young age.


For me, those times were the 90’s. Times were different back then (or back-back then in the 60’s and even before that). In those days computers were a gigantic thing that wanted to take over the world on a sci-fi movie; or a legendary monotonous thing only accessible to rich kids. Comics and trading card had a great era. Collecting was an awesome way of past time and share with friends while building and awesome set.


We didn’t care about bills or money; we didn’t know who were running for governor or what the weather forecast was. We just cared about that one card; that last one or rare card. Dup’s were trade or gave away: new friends were a single away. How sad how greed took it down.


We collect for many reasons: the hunt, the bragging; the fun reading, organizing and admiring the art; the community of collectors. But no more beautiful reason than grasping a piece of memory between our fingers; and remember; and cry from joy.


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