Ebay Promos

A couple promos I ordered came in the mail today. Heavy breathing and sweating overcame me when I realize that the seller shipped them in a cheap manila envelope. What a lousy job to protect those valuable promos. This is what happens when one orders from amateur sellers. I don’t want to sound elitist but when your selling a product through Ebay, as a seller, your also selling the future deals you’ll make. I ordered packages on a regular basis; mostly envelopes. Sometimes, I have to fight with the wrapping because of all the protection some sellers use on their merchandise. But man, this guy used a hot pocket box as support. Then on the corners of the envelope, in almost undistinguishable letters was written “Do not bend”; needleless to say that they got bent. I’ve learn from this one. Next time Ill go with one of my regulars and forget about the pity savings


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