Non Sport Update – February 2011

So, after doing the long trips every two months to Borders, struggle between magazines and bothering a couple employs to get me the very last issue, I finally got a subscription to Non-Sport Update. I got to say that its been great. Every two months its right there in the mail; no lines, no gas expenses, no needless wait. 🙂
This month came the last one. I have to say that issues keep getting thinner. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t mind less advertising and more articles. But those advertisers are an important part of the magazine since they contribute a huge chunk of the budget -which, in this economy, is really need. The issue has even been address by the editors that have talk about the problem in the last two editorial columns. It’s a sad thing seen this hobby threat by the downs of the economy and the greed of some dealers.
The issue had some interesting articles revolving around the new premium card packs. There were counter point opinions which I thought was a genius move because it gives you the opportunity of making up your own mind and see it from all the angles. Another awesome article was a flashback look to the Garbage Pall Kids collection. I remember buying some of those of the Ice Cream wagon that pass by my elementary school -my mom hated this cards!.
The Promos that came with the issue were awesome: a Yoda Card from Topp’s the Star Wars Galaxy 6 set; the other one was from Rittenhouse’s Dangerous Divas. Both cards were awesome and I just cant wait for the Star Wars ser to arrive. I got to have at least one box of them.


Star Wars Galaxy 6




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