Summer Time (to buy!!!)

Summers here and with them one of those great events: garage sales. I love them. I just love them. You can find anything! A couple of records here, an old doll there and when you least expect it, “boom” a box of cards. Sometimes there just there in your face other times they`re under some old and dusty things and they’re like a Christmas present just waiting under the tree.

Sadly I haven’t been that lucky. Last week I went to a couple of sales. Nothing yet has come up. But I’m staying optimistic. Besides, garage sales are not limited to houses. Now they’re also in the virtual world. Yes, internet it’s a great source for finding people selling stuff. You might drive down to their house or get it sent via email.  On the other hand, some of the usual stores now have more inventory due to some spring cleaning. Also, hurricane season just started and everyone is doing some re arrangement to save their things from any flash floods.

Just the other day I had a great booth. There’s a couple of antique store that I frequent for they have constant contact with seller of all sorts. They also buy lots of great stuff for cheap prices which they later sell without inflating the costs. Most antique dealers here are honest humble people asking just what’s fair. One of these dealers, Mr. Villegas happens to have a great lot for me. It was a big box of cards (over a 1000) and 3 more, long, narrow white boxes. Most of the cards were sport ones, which kind of brought me down. But then I found 2 boxes fill with non sports from the 90`s: some Coca Cola series and a lot of Marvel Pepsi Cards (to which I will later devote an article of its own later. 30 bucks later my sidekick and I (my baby brother) where carrying the whole thing back to the car.

I hope this to be the first of a serial of great findings this summer. I`ll already talked to Villegas about another lot of cards he has somewhere in his house. Let see if he finds it… LOL 


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